Spiced Chickpea and Spelt Couscous Salad

This is a simple yet very flavourful salad. It can be served as a substantial vegan meal or as a side dish in smaller portions. It also makes a lovely potluck dish. I make this with fresh colourful cherry tomatoes and aromatic herbs from the farmers’ market while still in season. Ingredients For the Couscous: […]

Mung Bean Potage – آش ماش

There you go! Another Iranian potage (aash – آش) recipe. My version is a bit different from the traditional one but we love the result! This recipe is vegan if you use coconut oil and vegetable broth. You can add some greek yogurt as garnish if you like. I like mine with lots of cracked […]

Iranian Meatball Aash (Potage) – Gheyme Shoorba – قیمه شوربا

  This is how I came up with this recipe: One chilly day (which we have had quite a few this winter!) I was craving “Aash” (traditional thick, potage like soup in Persian cuisine) and since I can’t have beans and legumes (due to digestive issues), which is the main ingredient of many traditional recipes, […]

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