Iranian Roasted Chickpea Cookies, Nan-Nokhodchi (نان نخودچی)

Roasted chickpea cookies (Nan-Nokhochi) is one of my favourite sweets. I associate its smell and taste with so many sweet childhood memories of Norooz. These cookies are very delicate and crumble and melt in your mouth. Nan-Nokhodchi is made with very fine roasted chickpea flour (not regular chickpea flour, they don’t have the same texture and […]

Mung Bean Potage – آش ماش

There you go! Another Iranian potage (aash – آش) recipe. My version is a bit different from the traditional one but we love the result! This recipe is vegan if you use coconut oil and vegetable broth. You can add some greek yogurt as garnish if you like. I like mine with lots of cracked […]

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