Iranian Meatball Aash (Potage) – Gheyme Shoorba – قیمه شوربا

  This is how I came up with this recipe: One chilly day (which we have had quite a few this winter!) I was craving “Aash” (traditional thick, potage like soup in Persian cuisine) and since I can’t have beans and legumes (due to digestive issues), which is the main ingredient of many traditional recipes, […]

Hearty Stew

As a part of my healing journey and to incorporate more nutrient dense food into my diet I have been cooking quite a lot of organ meat dishes lately. Organ meats are nutritional powerhouses and heart in particular is a good source of iron, zinc, selenium, vitamin A and B vitamins. But above all heart […]

Chicken and Celery Stew (Khoresht-e-Karafs)

Celery stew (Khoresht-e-Karafs) has been one of my favourite Iranian dishes since my childhood. I love the aroma of the herbs and celery, it smells so fresh and comforting! A few notes I would like to add: 1. Celery is the star of this dish, so buy organic (and local when in season) if you […]

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